the Offer with Michael Glinter

Season 2 Highlights: Why are you Interested? "I just need a job!" - Screening for Candidate Interest - with Jen Warneld

January 07, 2021 Michael Glinter
the Offer with Michael Glinter
Season 2 Highlights: Why are you Interested? "I just need a job!" - Screening for Candidate Interest - with Jen Warneld
Show Notes

Special Guest: Jen Warneld
Jen is a quality-driven business development and talent acquisition leader dedicated to fostering long-term relationships and implementing strategic initiatives that go beyond simply accomplishing targeted goals. 20+ year history developing and partnering with senior leadership within the healthcare, information technology, finance, engineering, distribution, and production industries; identifying and securing top talent for critical roles.  Her passion is people. The right people. 
 Today's Podcast Perspective

  • Companies - have you ever asked a candidate why they are interested, and their response is, "I need a job?" - Not being interested in the role?
  • Negative impacts both on the company and the candidate
  • Client impact because of supplier turnover - Reputation, Synergy, Relationships
  • Impact of job changing on a resume
  • It is a small world.  Are you ready for Karma to kick you in the butt?
  • Costs affiliated with hiring someone that leaves after 6 months
  • Covid19 has fanned the flames and how it comes around due to layoffs, increased chances of crossing paths
  • Red Flags during an interview - what we look for
  • Going Dark or Ghosting, unresponsiveness loses interest
  • Companies have to take responsibility in responding or confirmation of resumes 
  • Common sense candidate mistakes
  • Know the name of the company and what they do
  • Understanding the company's brands before you interview
  • Stop Lying your way through a question!
  • Why are you interested? Be Authentic
  • Pitching experience that has no relevance to what the company does
  • Admitting what you are looking for 
  • Accepting some candidates are willing to take a step back for good reasons
  • Are you looking for a Rich Career or a Wealthy Career?
  • Dreaded Question - What did you not like about your last job?
  • Stop talking negatively in an interview!
  • Spinning a negative comment to a positive one
  • Bringing KPIs and Metrics to your response to spin it positively
  • What skills do you have that works well for this position? - you better know the role
  • Remember the STAR method
  • In-Person / Zoom Interview Tragedies
  • Take the time to prepare when you are on camera, not just dress, but everything around you including reflections in windows
  • Be careful how you react to distractions when on a zoom call
  • How both parties respond to situations on a zoom call speaks volumes
  • Eye contact can sometimes indicate a lack of interest or lying
  • Be aware that sometimes lack of eye contact can be other things

Jen Warned
Director Talent Acquisition

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