the Offer with Michael Glinter

Finding Work/Hiring People! Millenial/GenZ VS Baby Boomers - Who to Hire? Generational Diversity

April 14, 2020 Michael Glinter
the Offer with Michael Glinter
Finding Work/Hiring People! Millenial/GenZ VS Baby Boomers - Who to Hire? Generational Diversity
Show Notes

Special Guest - Kristin Scroggin
 Just because you want to be a NASA engineer, does not mean you can be one!
 There has been a great debate over the last 5 years on the differences in the older generation (Baby Boomers and Generation X) vs the younger generation (Millenials and Generation Z). Work ethics, employment expectations, values in the every day work environment, and work lifestyle expectations.  Today we are going to explore the major generational gaps and the positive and negatives of each
 Kristin Scroggin cant do math, or bake a pie, but she is a GREAT speaker! Kristin has her Masters in Communication Studies, Bachelors in Communication Arts. She was a Communications Lecturer at the University of Alabama in Huntsville for 11 years before starting her own training company, genWHY Communications in 2017.  Her passion is generational diversity and all things soft-skill related. She has spoken at conferences and  to hundreds of organizations across the United States ranging from Fortune 500 companies to tiny non-profits. Obsessed with travel, and desperate to see the world, she and her husband try to keep their heads above water while parenting their four children and any foster children who come their way. 
  Today's Podcast Perspective

  • Approaching hiring and staffing in the middle of a pandemic
  • Graduates from College and Baby Boomers re-entering the work force and the struggles
  • Lower your expectations through a recession/pandemic
  • Companies Hiring - What is the difference between the two generational brackets. 
  • Companies need to figure out to train and retain millennials creating sustainability
  • Older generations create stability in the workforce, millennials create sustainability
  • Why does the older generation resist helping millennials learn?
  • Millennials need to appreciate the older generation and lose the mentality they are going to take their job
  • Companies during a recession keep and hire employees with a lot of experience and strong work ethic to be lean and still be productive
  • How does a Millennial/Genz candidate sell their value right now?
  • Why do Millennials and Generation Z'ers have a different mindset about employment and expectations
  • You cannot just be anything when you grow up
  • Inherent abilities, skills, and experience will drive what you can be successful in
  • Education System caused the mindset of the Millennials and GenZ generations
  • Colleges spend too much time on theory and not about application
  • Why did older generations not force their kids to work through school gaining core values in work?
  • Today - College kids most of the time have very little to even put on their resumes
  • Older generation needs to teach soft skills to the younger generation
  • Graduating in 2020 - Change your mindset
  • Baby boomers struggling to get back to work
  • Understanding the baby boomer generation

 Kristin Scroggin
 Owner & Lead Trainer
 genWHY Communications
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