the Offer with Michael Glinter

High Unemployment / Finding a Job In a Flooded Market - REBRANDING

April 20, 2021 Michael Glinter
the Offer with Michael Glinter
High Unemployment / Finding a Job In a Flooded Market - REBRANDING
Show Notes

Special Guest Alex Sanfilippo
Alex combines years of Operations Management and Branding background to bring a unique perspective on how people are viewed and what they can do to bring a new dimension to how they can be a successful part of a winning business. After speaking at conferences and launching his own podcast helping businesses and people transform their brand, he decided to start his own community -  His goal is to help people succeed in life and business!  Join him to share your journey and grow beyond where you are today. 
Breakdown of today’s podcast:

  • Changes in the employment market
  • Young people continue to struggle recovering from the last recession
  • High School / College student graduation - what is next?
  • What industries and companies are doing well?  Where are all the jobs?
  • Candidates need to understand and look at the future of jobs and the economy
  • Re-branding who you are so hiring managers and leaders of today decide to hire you.
  • How does someone that worked in one industry for 20 years change who they are
  • Homemakers or stay at home moms and how they can change perceptions
  • Alex's emphasis on Hard Skills vs Soft Skills 
  • Job changes are not attractive
  • What do hiring manager's look for?
  • Soft Skills - How people can cross over to different industries or jobs
  • Should companies automatically disqualify candidates
  • Explaining gaps on resumes
  • Stop writing a resume as a job description, rather a skills description.

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 Guest Info
 Alex is an operations leader in Jacksonville for an Aerospace company and an expert in creating a brand!
 Alex Sanfilippo
Community Advocate | Creating a Brand

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