the Offer with Michael Glinter

Minorities in the Boardroom - Breaking up the White People's Club

May 11, 2021 Michael Glinter
the Offer with Michael Glinter
Minorities in the Boardroom - Breaking up the White People's Club
Show Notes

Special Guest – Tina Brinkley Potts
Tina Brinkley Potts is an award winning author,  strategist, online marketing trainer, and  high performance coach. Coaches, consultants, experts and small business owners from over 70 countries watch and apply Tina’s video trainings and strategy sessions to grow their businesses and careers to expert status. Tina’s expertise includes creating client attraction systems that integrate your desired lifestyle and personality and so they can chart their unique path to the dollar amount they desire. When she serves on boards, she facilitates two distinct areas of improvement: Automation and diversity and inclusion. She is willing to have the hard conversations to create thriving cultures and profits. For more information about Tina, visit
 Today's Podcast Perspective

  • Revisiting Episode from April 30th which touched on Racism
  • Isn't Inclusion supposed to stop separation of minorities
  • You can't present absolutes. Getting By-ins
  • Talking broad - messages get lost
  • Bringing up Slavery when talking about D&I is not fair and should never be used
  • There are no absolutes - It is all gray
  • Diversity in the Boardroom - Not being a Token
  • Working your way up to the Boardroom like everyone else
  • People should be promoted based on how they achieve goals not what you see
  • White Privilege - Many are born into privilege, BUT it's all races, sexes, backgrounds.  It's not just white people
  • White Privilege can also be used to benefit YOU but that doesn't mean you allow it
  • Roles can be reversed.  People of Color can also discriminate against white people
  • D&I - Perception is King.  We need to be willing to talk about perceptions
  • What are we doing wrong as it pertains to D&I programs?
  • Stop the Absolutes!
  • Boardrooms - Barriers for Minorities
  • If you present a solid reason to be put on a board, they should bring you in
  • Are the barriers - generational?
  • Why do they keep minorities from getting into the boardroom, what's causing the barriers?
  • Can we change what society has bred older generations to be / the way they are conditioned 
  • -Isms are still real - the responsibilities are on each person to make the right decisions
  • How do we help companies realize and realign on what D&I programs are meant to be 

 Tina Brinkley Potts
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