the Offer with Michael Glinter

Reality Check: Long-Term Labor Shortages / Higher Prices / Lack of Supply - Why are we in trouble???

October 19, 2021 Michael Glinter
the Offer with Michael Glinter
Reality Check: Long-Term Labor Shortages / Higher Prices / Lack of Supply - Why are we in trouble???
Show Notes

Special Guest: Lauren Winans

We can't find people.  The labor market is dry.  Job vacancies go unfilled.  Those in the workforce are being thrown higher and higher wages just to get employees to work for them. Since labor costs are higher, companies are passing that cost to the consumer.  This is why everything is so expensive!   What about that car you can't get because there are none available?  It starts with manufacturing.  Lack of raw materials. Global shortage of chips. If plants don't have labor, then production goes down. When production goes down, there is less product.  Ultimately, making it HARDER to get the product and driving prices UP! 

 This season on the offer, we will be talking about how to solve this problem!  How can we address the issue of labor shortage? Starting with today!  We will start by talking about WHY we have a LABOR SHORTAGE dispelling many of the NOT FACTUAL reasons for the cause.  We will also dig into the fact that this is going to be a LONG TERM shortage.  

Lauren Winans, CEO of Next Level Benefits, will join me today to discuss how employers respond to the new reality.   

Lauren Winans
Chief Executive Officer
Principal Consultant
Next Level Benefits

Lauren Winans - Bio
Lauren Winans is the Chief Executive Officer and Principal HR Consultant for Next Level Benefits, an HR consulting practice offering clients access to HR professionals for both short-term and long-term projects. With 20 years of human resources and employee benefits experience, Winans possesses a deep expertise of HR best practices and what resonates with employees. She founded Next Level Benefits in 2019, offering HR teams access to former corporate HR professionals on-demand when they need them most. 

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About Next Level Benefits
Next Level Benefits is a certified women-owned business providing HR consultation, freelancers, and project managers for your team. Each team member has at least 20 years of corporate HR experience from such companies as American Eagle Outfitters, Ariba, Ascena, Citigroup, GNC, Hess, IBM, Levi Strauss, Netflix, TBC Corporation, and U.S. Airways. Led by Lauren Winans, Next Level Benefits temporarily fills in the gaps on your team.

Next Level Benefits can help develop sustainable HR strategies to align your company’s brand, mission, and organizational goals. They can create HR communications plans that educate and engage as well as provide HR consulting. They can fill in gaps and partner with existing teams to accelerate progress, assess current processes, develop roadmaps, and draft HR process manuals to train your existing staff. Next Level Benefits can lead planned or unplanned projects such as new vendor implementations, audits, and M&A activity.